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 Hubert Walker NHP Application

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PostSubject: Hubert Walker NHP Application   Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:58 pm

Be a citizen of the United States. 1). Yes I live in the United States
Be at least 21 years of age. 2). I am older than the age of 21 (Age:29)
Possess a valid driver's license. 3) I do posses a valid drivers license
Be able to speak and write English. 4) I am able to speak English and write in English
Have high school diploma or GED (preferably college education). 5)
Have a clean criminal/arrest record.\\ Nope
Be physically, medically and mentally fit. 6) In high school I was in track and won 2nd place for 1 mile dash. (LB: 186)

(( OOC, an applicant must:

Be able to speak and write English.\\ Yes I do
Have at least one character with level 3 or above.\\ Level 2
Know how to role-play. \\ Yep
Have (a) satisfying admin record(s). \\ Nope
Use their NHP character as main character.\\ yes
Have a Mic and be able to use teamspeak 3.\\ Sure do
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Hubert Walker NHP Application
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