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 Teamspeak Rules

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PostSubject: Teamspeak Rules   Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:26 pm

All Crossfire Gaming Roleplay members and registered forum members must be using their registered In Game name.

Staff, server admin, and teamspeak admin tags such as [Community Owner], [Senior Executive Officer], (EO), (SM) are reserved for Crossfire Gaming Roleplay staff only.Impersonating a Crossfire GamingRoleplay member or Staff is strictly prohibited.

Names that are sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting are not allowed.

Names that provoke discussion about religion and/or politics are not allowed.

English is the preferred language on the teamspeak server. Using other languages is allowed when talking in private or when all people in the channel understand that language. Using another language to exclude other people in the channel, or to dodge teamspeak rules is not allowed.
-No sexually explicit, racist, discriminatory or otherwise insulting remarks.
-No flaming or swearing.
-No discussing politics / religion.
-No discussing hacks / warez.

Our teamspeak server is primary for use by Crossfire Gaming Roleplay members, players on Crossfire Gaming Roleplay servers, and other Crossfire Gaming Roleplay gaming related groups like guilds etc.

Using our teamspeak server for clan practice, meetings etc. is not allowed unless you have permission from Crossfire Gaming Roleplay management to do so.

Playing music over teamspeak is not allowed.

Using teamspeak to reveal in-game enemy positions and strategies while you are dead or sharing strategic information with the opposite team is not allowed.

It is not allowed to accuse other players of cheating without providing some sort of proof.

Sharing server passwords with non-Crossfire Gaming Roleplay members is not allowed.

Advertising products, sites, clans and services not related to Crossfire Gaming Roleplay is not allowed.

Singing is only allowed in the DMZ channel.

Joining teamspeak while being drunk or otherwise intoxicated is frowned upon.

You are held responsible for whoever uses teamspeak on your computer / account.

Chit chat and other off-topic talk is primarily to take place in the DMZ / lobby channels

Game channels are primary only used for game communication. Limited chit chat is allowed but should not interfere with game play.

Make sure to switch to the appropriate channel when playing a specific game(server).
For games not listed join the 'other game' channels.

If more then 8 people are in a game channel, players must be prepared to split and remain in the channel of their in-game sides. (allied / axis etc.)

We strongly encourage the use of 'push to talk' mode as a way to activate your microphone.

Using 'voice activation' mode is allowed when using a headset or headphones, but make sure to set up sensitivity in such way that your microphone isn't triggered by your breathing or your neighbours chainsaw.

Using 'voice activation' mode while using speakers is highly discouraged, since it often causes your microphone to be activated by in-game sounds, and can cause irritating echo effects.

Teamspeak channel admins and server admins are recognizable by a (Community Owner Tag) and / or (Non Gaming Admin) tag behind their nickname. Game server admins and moderators are recognizable by having a [Community Owner], [Senior Executive Officer] or [(Other) Admin] tag in their name.

Admins may create various names ONLY for the purpose of adminning in anonymity.
Teamspeak admin (and game server admin) directions have to be followed.

Our admins reserve the right to warn and subsequently remove anyone from teamspeak for any disruptive behavior or rule breaking.

Anyone permabanned from Crossfire Gaming Roleplay will be denied access to our teamspeak server as well.

If you are banned from the forums then you are no longer permitted to join our teamspeak server or our gaming servers.

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Teamspeak Rules
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